Table manners are apparently in vogue again. Table manners go back to the 11th Century. For their development it is important to note that women were allowed to eat at the table. In different cultures different table manners developed according to tradition and wealth.

Due to the constricts of the working world, defined through industrialization and individual life styles, there are few fixed meal times in today‘s world. Fast food restaurants want to make their contribution to this situation and offer people the opportunity to eat on their way. For this they created a wide range of products e.g.: burgers, French fries, pizza, vitamin drinks, salads and even complete meals for a whole meal diet. The fact that eating of this kind does not require a fixed location (table, etc.) is considered to lead to a lack of table manners. How should one consume fast food in a well-mannered way?

This is where I start : I want to offer those who are away from home the possibility of using table manners. I want to offer “table manners on the road”. For this purpose I have developed products which make it easier to eat in the car or while standing or walking. For consumers in a car I have created a combination of bib and bowl - so-called “Eatware”. One should be able to purchase Eatware at supermarkets, services stations, etc., use it easily and conveniently in a car and eat in a well-mannered way again.