During the present time you have to be absolute flexibel in all fields of your life. In this case „Morph“ descirbes the flexibility of the product. The originally use can be changed with small things.

A lot of objects in our sourrounding were changed for this claim, but not all of them. With Morph I offer the opportunity to use a product in two different ways.

Glasses get take over the function of an Alice band. The sun is away for a second and you putt he glasses in your hair, how doesn´t know the problem if you want to put it back on your nose andthe glass is caught in the hair.

The bracelet can be used as an purse just by closing the zipper. A jewelry and an object of utility at the same time.

Who doesn´t know those annoying handbags. You need to transport more then just some money and a lipstick it is very useful to have one, but just for a few things you don´t need one. This bag can be easily transformed to a scarf and the small sipper-bag inside you still be used.