Jungle Experience

This bedclothes should invite you for dreaming. Framed with jungle-plants you will find different wild animals. Who doesn´t want to dream about adventures and wunderfull nature? This bedclothes is designed in different variations. One side single-coloured and the other side shows the printed, multi-coloured jungle-side. It is made for kids just as well for adults just simply colour differences.



Table manners are apparently in vogue again. Table manners go back to the 11th Century. For their development it is important to note that women were allowed to eat at the table. In different cultures different table manners developed according to tradition and wealth. Due to the constricts of the working world, defined through industrialization and individual life styles, there are few fixed meal times in today‘s world.



Women and handbags have a spezial relation. If you just have a look inside the handbag you will be very surprised what you can find here. Not just a lipstick and a purse you can find everything a women needs for everydays life. Without a handbag a women is lost it is an an absolute requirement. Handbag switches the roll and let us be part of it. The skin-leather (possible in different colours) should be used fort he optical connection to our skin.



The skin is one of our biggest organs. She is more then that, she shows more about the humans life. Was this person a craftsman, was he always outsite in the sun and how old ist his person? These memory cards shows a cast from the palm of the hand. At the card you can´t see anymore whose skin this is, how old ist his human and where does he come from?



Jewelry can be made of different materials. With a self-mad-manual Indoor jeweelry is explained with easy Stepps. With paper and neonstring you can make an extraordinary jewelry. Everybody can be a jewelry designer.


Down Scape Door

During the present time you have to be absolute flexibel in all fields of your life. In this case „Morph“ descirbes the flexibility of the product. The originally use can be changed with small things.

A lot of objects in our sourrounding were changed for this claim, but not all of them. With Morph I offer the opportunity to use a product in two different